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How to Disable “Guest User” on the Mac OS X Lion Login Window

After seeing it a few times since updating to 10.7.2 and having to click/keypress a few extra times to log in, I was annoyed enough to look up this new “feature”. If you don’t poke around your System Preferences after every update, you might not have noticed a new option under Security & Privacy. Notice how it doesn’t mention “Guest User” anywhere:

Anyway, a simple tick of the checkbox resolves this issue. As with all tweaks, the usual caveats apply: do it at your own risk, know how to reverse the change if you ever change your mind, and as the source article (from OS X Daily) advises, it’s better to keep the Guest User account around if there’s a chance your computer can get stolen.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Cloak and Daggers Bug & Workaround

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an awesome game, but it has its share of annoying glitches. The original release had agonizingly long load times, even when entering small areas like L.I.M.B. Clinics. The problem was quickly patched, but I’m afraid it directly spawned another type of bug: sometimes NPCs get placed in wrong spots, and it can make a few quests more difficult or impossible to finish…

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Unhide ~/Library in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

If you’ve upgraded to Lion and can’t find your personal Library folder anymore, don’t worry; it didn’t disappear. It just doesn’t show up in Finder because Apple decided to hide it by default. They probably did it to save certain users from themselves, but for those who are interested, all you need to do is run one command in a Terminal to easily see it again:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

Now you can go back to messing with your Applications.

It appears that you must do this with each update. My ~/Library was hidden again after updating to 10.7.1.

Aquatic Night

The top feature request for my Aquatic Steam skin was a black version. Rather than go for the native Aqua look, this iteration stays closer to home, and users won’t have to adjust to anything new. I’ve added in the bonus of a tweakable frame color along with other minor changes and fixes. Now you can use a nice Steam skin with a hint of your favorite flavor (color)!

You can read the intro post for background information and instructions if you’re interested, but let’s skip straight to the good stuff this time.

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Aquatic Steam Skin for Mac (and Windows)

Development on this project has been halted in favor of the “Night” edition. You can see known issues and planned features. Mac OS X users may also be interested in how to use a Steam skin since it’s a bit more involved than simply dropping a folder into the skins directory like on the Windows version.

Were you searching for a suitable replacement skin for Steam on Mac OS X (or an equally nice skin for Windows)? Look no further.

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How to Install a Steam Skin on Mac OS X

Credit goes to REMR and Cjelli at the Steam Users’ Forums. I’ve posted the process here as another reference and in case the posts get deleted. There also seemed to be some confusion, so screenshots are included with this tutorial.

Gamers wishing to spice up their Steam client app simply have to download a skin and install it, right? That’s only true for the Windows version of Steam. (In case you’re wondering how, you simply paste the folder containing the skin’s files into <Steam installation directory>\skins.) On Mac OS X, however, simply mimicking the process by copying the skin folder into Steam.app’s package contents doesn’t get it done.

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