Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Cloak and Daggers Bug & Workaround

Loading a bit too quickly, are we?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an awesome game, but it has its share of annoying glitches. The original release had agonizingly long load times, even when entering small areas like L.I.M.B. Clinics. The problem was quickly patched, but I’m afraid it directly spawned another type of bug: sometimes NPCs get placed in wrong spots, and it can make a few quests more difficult or impossible to finish…

‘Cloak and Daggers’ is one such mission that only started to bug out after the patch. In my case, a patrol NPC who used to walk around Double-T’s kitchen area got moved to an unreachable area and became invisible in the process. If you turn on Objective Locators in the gameplay options, you can find and eliminate him to proceed in the quest line. (I only tried the Sniper Rifle, but others have said the Tranquilizer Rifle works as well.)

Double-T and the normal guards can be taken care of normally, but I had to go outside and onto the fire escape to reach the remaining Motor City Banger. Remember, this is only one occurrence of the bug, and many others have reported that their misplaced NPCs are either inside walls or at places they can’t reach with a gun. It’s advisable to save before even obtaining the quest; some players said reloading the game or entering different zones fixed the spawn position issue, but I couldn’t get anything to work.