How to Disable “Guest User” on the Mac OS X Lion Login Window

Another unsightly addition magically appears!

After seeing it a few times since updating to 10.7.2 and having to click/keypress a few extra times to log in, I was annoyed enough to look up this new “feature”. If you don’t poke around your System Preferences after every update, you might not have noticed a new option under Security & Privacy. Notice how it doesn’t mention “Guest User” anywhere:

Anyway, a simple tick of the checkbox resolves this issue. As with all tweaks, the usual caveats apply: do it at your own risk, know how to reverse the change if you ever change your mind, and as the source article (from OS X Daily) advises, it’s better to keep the Guest User account around if there’s a chance your computer can get stolen.


  1. actually thats a great idea, i found this article while searching for a way to remove it. But after seeing find my mac in iCloud, i will definitely keep it around as a way to track my laptop down if ever needed.