Mobile Work

Featured mobile applications & games I've worked on


Cosmonaut (Project Rocketeer)

Originally slated to be a simple remake of a classic helicopter game, Rocketeer now features a couple of different modes and more realistic physics. This is still a work in progress; many things may change.

Screenshots and store link will be posted when the project is nearing completion.

The release version of this game was renamed to Monkey Rocket after many issues, and more information can be found at its product page. I’ll be copying over pictures and news at a later date.


Iron Mic / Eli Porter Soundboard

I chose a soundboard as my first mobile application because of its relative simplicity and use of multimedia. It gave me a good idea of the limitations of the platform and environment while also producing something that I hope many will find entertaining.

Fairly early into the development process I found out that writing a generalized soundboard is pretty much impossible. The initial structure allowed for downloadable packs to be dropped in, a feature commonly found in desktop applications, but necessary restrictions on mobile devices prevented me from implementing it.

I’ve decided to rewrite this app in a more specific context (and other sound packs will get their own soundboards as well). Screenshots and store link are coming soon.