Featured studies and research projects

User Interaction

Web-Based Tutorial Usage

January—May 2010

I co-authored a research paper with Tara Roys on the tutorial consumption behaviors and preferences of today’s college-age students. We felt that much existing work was outdated or fit into different contexts. You can get the article in PDF, but keep in mind another observation: after reading an article, people tend to go “oh, well, that was obvious.” Yeah, it’s kind of like seeing the solution to a puzzle or the answer to a riddle.

Personalized University of Illinois Calendar System

September—December 2008

As part of a semester project I implemented a personalized calendar for University of Illinois Students and Instructors that integrated RSO and college-wide events into agendas (filterable, of course) as well as handling assignments in registered courses. User studies were performed using this system and evaluations provided practical feedback and results.

Flash Game Arcade Websites

September 2006—Present

After witnessing the popularity of my original Flash games website, I performed a little test on factors contributing to traffic. Of course, there’s no way to set up a perfectly controlled experiment in this environment, but results were overwhelmingly in favor of quantity over quality and simplicity over a rich feature set.


Wikipedia & Other Wikimedia Services

July—August 2010



October—November 2009