Systems Work

Descriptions/Outlines of projects I've been involved in

Systems programming is not my favorite area of software engineering, but here’s some of the stuff I’ve helped build.

Embedded Systems

June 2009—January 2010

I worked on an internal flight data recorder simulation and rebuilder program at L-3 Communications, Electrodynamics Inc.. General information: I helped establish a new file format, coded in LabWindows/CVI, refactored existing code, implemented text and audio file I/O, and revamped the GUI.

System Management

August 2008—May 2009

The OpenAFS server manager for Windows was becoming quite dated when my senior project team was tasked with writing a new version that ran as an MMC snap-in.

This project became much more difficult after losing a quarter of our team suddenly and unexpectedly when we were getting started, but we managed to implement a new manager in MMC 3.0 (rather than the near-obsolete 2.0) using C# wrappers for the original C/C++ AFS library functions. The team trod new territory on 3 fronts, and I’m proud of what we accomplished in the little crunch time that we had.