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Please excuse the mess while my website is still under heavy construction. Please check back shortly on any incomplete pages.

Personal Blog

First set up in 2004, JasonChen.org serves as my laboratory for web-related experiments as well as a file dump when needed. I started the original web log as an open diary but wasn’t too thrilled about it, as you can see. The site has gone through a few design changes over the years, and I hope it will continue to be realigned every year or so. The content and audience has changed quite a bit from its original incarnation’s, but the goal is to be more universally helpful.

I usually kept my findings private before 2011, but now I’m more proactive in recording and posting discoveries to the appropriate resources.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

As part of my website’s renewed purpose, I’ll be providing older designs as free-to-use themes. Simple plugins that I use or have used will also be made available for download. WordPress quickly became my publishing platform of choice after I converted my own blogging system over to it in 2005. Although it was definitely simpler to create themes back then, the powerful new features are certainly worth the somewhat messier templates.

Flash Games Arcade Script


Smaller Projects

Freelance Design


Personalized University of Illinois Calendar

This personalized calendar was more of a research project and iterative design exercise than anything else. Please see more information at its own page.

JasonChen.org Games Section

A few main points:


Amazon.com Search Results Scraper/Saver

My first Ruby script was able to perform a custom search based on a few filters not available on Amazon at the time. Furthermore, a MySQL database was used to store and fetch results for later browsing. The output was served through the Mongrel web server. I later explored Rails a little to see what the fuss was about but haven’t produced any big projects using it (yet?).